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Sons of Norway is the largest Norwegian-American organization in the world. If you are passionate about preserving and promoting Norwegian heritage and culture, we invite you to explore and JOIN us at the Bernt Bachen Lodge here in Anchorage, Alaska. Everyone and every family is welcome no matter your heritage.

One More Lefse Session To Go!

Lefse Making for Lutefisk Dinner: November 6-8 Friday-Sunday
(Hours: Friday 3-6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9-6 pm)

For those new to lefse making, there are several steps between raw potatoes, flour, and salt and a package of ready-to-sell lefse at the Bazaar. For those not interested in “rolling” there are other ways to help with this important Lodge event. The typical 3-day lefse-making sessions consist of the following activities:

Friday: Wash, boil, peel, and rice potatoes; set up lefse making stations (griddles, cooking and rolling boards, rollers, etc.); set up cooling, sorting, and packaging areas.
Saturday: Mix potato and flour loaves; shape in balls, roll and cook lefse; wash, boil, peel, and rice potatoes; sort and package lefse; clean up work stations.
Sunday: Mix potato and flour loaves; shape into balls; roll and cook lefse; sort and package lefse; break down the lefse-making stations and return griddles, cooking and rolling boards, etc. to the storage area; and clean up work stations.

Even a couple of hours of your time will help so please contact one of the lefse making committee Co-chairs, Ashley Brusven 350- 3328 or Ted Birkedal 351-6095.

King’s Reception in Anchorage

Featured in Norwegian-American Weekly!

Ted Birkedal wrote a wonderful article on the King’s Reception at Bernt Balchen Lodge. See the story here.



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